sky high | singapore food trail

[shot of the singapore flyer]

so my journey for good food brings me to the food trail @ the singapore flyer, apparently opened last year and having a food-republic-esque concept of gathering the better hawkers together for people to enjoy. and whilst its definitely touristy, the prices aren’t too bad (my fren had coupons.. cheers lik sin). anyways, this is also in reply to jimson who comments that i never go take singaporean food, and to miss cheryl choo who thinks im less singaporean than some tourists. -_-

[bak kut teh, $5.80, with coupon $3.80]

btw did i ever mention that i love bak kut teh, especially after the malaysian trip up to KL where bryan’s parents bought us some deliciously awesome klang bah kut teh.. i’ve been craving that along with crispy you tiao… its something about the peppery and intensely complex and flavorful soup along with the meat and the dark chilli sauce that creates a great combo. but yeah.. the variance between crappy bkt and good bkt is huge.. so yeah.. this one was pretty decent. but i’m still looking for my klang bkt.

[hokkien mee, $3.50]

ahhh.. this one was an outright winner, especially considering how the food republic one’s have been increasingly disappointing, especially the one at MBS. this one was every bit the flavorful with the prawn mee taste, and the noodles were the right amount of ‘Q’ and chewy (gosh.. i fail at describing local cuisines) and the crispy peanuts complete the textured profile. yummy! i see where the pricey-ness is coming in though.. that plate was kinda smallish and left u wanting more..

[poh piah.. i couldn’t be bothered with price after awhile..]

supposedly chilli and non-chilli, but they tasted generally the same (non-chilli). again, the addition of the peanuts and some other crispy component that me and my friend couldn’t figure out, really elevated the taste profile. that being sad, the radish within.. hmm.. wasn’t as tasty.. wierd.

[cheng tng, my friend had this.. i have no comments]

lol.. wow.. describing singaporean food ain’t very easy ehh.. but i must say.. it tastes good and costs a miniscule fraction of what other restaurants command.. its a great alternative! haha well.. and if u like eating tons of carbs.. haha =)

  1. Jimbo said:

    I’ve tried most of the food there and they are generally above average, and yep, like what you’ve mentioned, the portions are pathetic. Not to mention a tad pricer than what you have to pay elsewhere.

    More local food reviews pls! 😀

  2. Sofia said:

    Hi Frank, I love your picture of the Singapore Flyer. Can we use it in the swedish women’s organization, SWEAs magazine in Singapore? We are in a hurry to find a picture and yours was really nice.
    SWEA is a non profit organization and the magazine is distributed to SWEA Singapores 80 members.

    Thank You!

    • endangeredsartorialist said:

      Hi Sofia,

      Sure thing! I’m glad you like the picture, feel free to use it in your magazine. If you need a version of higher resolution, let me know.


      Sent from my iPhone

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