top chef just desserts: the willy wonka challenge

literal recreation. [image from here]

how cool is it to be able to recreate your own magickal wonderland from one of the most well-celebrated childhood tales? this episode of top chef really worked for me because it was as much a visual feast as it was a savory one that we viewers couldn’t partake in. i mean, my main gripe of the top chef series is that, compared to project runway, you can’t really know just how tasty something is unless you taste it. so yeah, what a charming episode with such nice desserts that makes one yearn to head to do canele or the likes to grab some delices. my favourites of the week were carlos’ pb&j macaroons that looked gorgeously tasty as well as katzie carrot patch cakes was true creative genius. ahhh.. how nice would it be to really own a shop that essentially recreates the wonka landscape and sells such tasty snacks?


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