the end of wanderlust

try a little art.

to be honest, these few weeks have been nothing short of exhausting, what with an increased amount of stuff to do at work, amped up dragonboat trainings and just.. a general lack of time to do simple stuff. like go do grocery shopping. or walking in the rain alone talking to God. it’s kinda fun to do that once in awhile. =)

i was at ntuc fairprice shopping for some milk and fruit juice when i heard the familiar Christmas jingles being played over the intercom. mmm, something about that just instantly puts me in a warm, cheery mood, envisioning the few weeks of December filled with much get-togethers, cosy dinner with friends, and just.. a sense of reunion, happiness, merriment and sorts. i think that’s what particular draws me to want to stay in Singapore so much.. the fact that I haven’t really had an unbroken chain of months being in Singapore with all my friends around me. the fact that I haven’t had much of a chance to plan for events and holidays months in advance because i didn’t really know where i would be.. there’s a great sense of normalcy and familiarity that feels.. comfortable.

mm.. Singapore.. sometimes i really can’t stand you (especially during morning rush hours and seeing irritating inconsiderate people), but sometimes I just can’t let go out you. =)


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