quartiere coppede

sorry for the dearth of updates, but the past long weekend was well spent with a bunch of my university mates, just hanging out, visiting sites in rome and florence, complaining about the incredibly h0t and sapping weather and just having helluva’ fun. and i’m really starting to understand that the most important factor of travelling really isn’t the sites and sounds of a place, but who you are making the travel with – a mundane 3-hour train ride can be really pleasant what with multiple bouts of monopoly deal and long conversations to catch up on the missed months.

more on that with later posts, but thanks once again guys for come over to rome – life can get pretty lonely and tough at times so it’s a huge comfort to have close friends whom you do not have to put on any form of pretense, and whom you can talk shit about easily to accompany you for a few days. =)

anyways, the picture above shows a picturesque alley within the quartiere coppede, a quaint, architecturally interesting district that was largely designed by Florentian architect gino coppede. its not well known at all, considering that its not found in any guide books, and that i got to know about this only through a local colleague who casually mentioned that if i was interested in art deco-style architecture, i might want to walk toward this quartiere, which is barely 15 minutes away from my house.

gino coppede’s style is one of exuberant decorations – filling the facades of condominiums with playful putti, moorish arches, tuscan turrets and a whole mish mash of architectural adornments. the end result is a quaint, beautiful and playful piazza (piazza mincio) that is surrounded by these unique condominiums that is one of its kind.

fontana delle rane (fountain of the frogs) within piazza mincio

romans lament that the cultural progression in rome died off after the renaissance, effectively rendering rome as a city frozen culturally in time

well, methinks it’s not exactly the case, what with the occasional bursts of design and creativity in different pockets of the city. there’s still hope. =)


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