cinque terre, part 2 – manarola to corniglia

a view of manarola

manarola is in fact a hamlet of nearby riomaggiore, whereas corniglia is a hamlet of vernazza. the distance between these two hamlets is roughly 1km, though landslides have closed down the sea-road between the two (as of now), meaning that you probably should that the train to transit between corniglia and manarola.

well, unless you are as foolhardy as us, who insisted on bashing a way through the forest in attempt to find that ‘ridgeline’ to walk along to get to corniglia.

i blame national service in singapore for instilling in all their males a sense of wanting to do a straight-path bash in forest situations. and to doggedly refuse to backtrack even when the path has obviously disappeared and whats left is prickly brambly small openings between trees. lol

well, after that misadventure, we ate humble pie and scrambled to get on the train from manarola to corniglia. to be honest, these two hamlets aren’t exactly very unique as compared to the likes of riomaggiore, vernazza or monterosso, so they don’t get their own post. but its still photo-worthy nontheless, so let’s start the show.

setting off from manarola

along the sea-side path before you hit the “closed” sign. but hey, it’s still good enough for a swim!

the start of the uphill path we tried to bash

a closer view of manarola

the only good thing about attempting to bash? well, we got a nice top-down view of manarola and the surrounding vineyards.



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