cinque terre epilogue: monterosso

italians have an obsession with beaches. i mean, i guess it’s kinda warranted what with the most spectacular beaches, crystal clear waters, soft-sand and blazing sun that true makes a beach experience, but still – i’m 4/4 for this month for having been to the beach every weekend. and as a result i look like i fell into some permanent bronze-brown paint vat. seriously. i’m avoiding the sun these coming days.

but talking about beaches, monterosso was pretty much the perfect place for a beach vacation for the casual tourist, what with wide expanses of beachfront, good seafood restaurants nearby and a perfectly hot sunny day along with the cool, therapeutic water. my beach regime at monterosso was simple:

[1] sit on the deck chair with sunglasses playing with phone and just nua-ing (relaxing for the non-singlish enlightened)

[2] when i start to feel warm, notion my friend to head down to the waters for a uber refreshing swim and dip.

[3] get out of water, have a nice shower till the body feels cool and refreshed. if hungry, grab some focaccia and wine at the nearby restaurant.

[4] rinse, lather, repeat.

ah… life.

but to be honest, when we first hiked to monterosso on the first day, i was.. kinda disappointed. the beach was looking kinda small, cold and crummy. it was getting late and the sun had pretty much dipped quite low so it wasn’t that fun. furthermore my friend had mistakenly brought me only to the very first portion of the town, where there was only a real small, kinda dirty strip of the beach. so yeah, i was kinda bummed.

so imagine my utter delight the next day when i saw this.

life’s good eh?

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