iconic x-men

geek post ahead.

chanced upon this blog which really warms my heart seeing such beautiful, simplistic and meaningful designs. part of my dream is really to become such a designer, with razor sharp design POV and the skills to match with it. i mean, to me design’s main purpose serves to communicate – and the less frills it takes to convey a message and meaning, the more visual ‘punch’ it has.

hence, the combination of x-men fan-boyism and like of design in me made it impossible for me not to post this. methinks the depiction of rogue (with gloves) and kitty pryde (though the wall) are incredibly smart.

some gripes though.. would people stop depicting emma frost as though her predominant power is this diamond shaped body crap? it’s not as though she was called white queen for that, she’s a omega-level, skillful psychic mutant that can easily outclass the likes of most x-men. and since when did dark phoenix sprout wings? haha guess im griping already.


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