i’m tired.

scratch that, i’m completely knackered.

what with entire days of conference-going, mingling with technology geeks and then dashing off for italian classes, trying to nod and gesture my way through incoherent speech and ultimately reaching home at roughly 10 for the past few days to continue working, designing and well, attempting to have a life. wowza. weekend please come soon.

anyways, i was tasked to design posters for the latest event for my company and well, it hasn’t been easy going through many iterations of revisions (with me doing them mostly after returning from italian class..), but somehow i suppose there’s a passion for it, since i would nonchalantly head to photoshop and start working on any outstanding projects?

anyways, i wouldn’t mind comments to be honest — i think my fatigue can actually be seen from the posters as compared to my past efforts, so i’m kinda sad. nevertheless, i think i gave alot to it, so yeah i guess i’m satisfied. =)


someone did a good job for smrt.

love the vibrant colors of this poster and how the psychedelic lines that resembles the train tracks. and best of all, its finally open tomorrow! here’s to hoping for less horrid traffic and a smoother ride to work. and mind you, now with the opening of the line, so many more food options are connected, especially holland village where finally you do not need to find for parking in those measly car parks and can drink yourself silly! haha.