geek post ahead.

chanced upon this blog which really warms my heart seeing such beautiful, simplistic and meaningful designs. part of my dream is really to become such a designer, with razor sharp design POV and the skills to match with it. i mean, to me design’s main purpose serves to communicate – and the less frills it takes to convey a message and meaning, the more visual ‘punch’ it has.

hence, the combination of x-men fan-boyism and like of design in me made it impossible for me not to post this. methinks the depiction of rogue (with gloves) and kitty pryde (though the wall) are incredibly smart.

some gripes though.. would people stop depicting emma frost as though her predominant power is this diamond shaped body crap? it’s not as though she was called white queen for that, she’s a omega-level, skillful psychic mutant that can easily outclass the likes of most x-men. and since when did dark phoenix sprout wings? haha guess im griping already.


laundry day!

today was a company off-day because saturday is Republic Day, so yay to a long weekend! and what sweetened the pot was that I was completely clueless of it until thursday morning when one colleague asked whether i was going to capitalize on the long weekend to head off somewhere. one of the rules of happiness: if you don’t expect something good and it happens, you derive much more happiness. =) let’s all live with less expectations and consequently, more joyful experiences eh?

but well i didn’t plan anything fancy. just a trip down to the MAXXI, the museum of 21st century arts, which was a welcome change from seeing renaissance churches and ancient ruins. =) set far away from the maddening tourist crowd, MAXXI seems also slightly out of place in what is a really quiet, nondescript residential neighboring. but once you step in through the gates, you get a refreshing whiff of tasteful design and a beautiful exterior play space for kids to play and interact and for parents to lie back , bask in the sun and relax.

i love such a concept of a museum to be honest — to double up as a public space where the public can interact with exhibits and not treat “art” as merely something that is encased in a high security frame with ubiquitous “do not touch” signs. MAXXI exudes an air of friendly amicableness and lightness, which continues on inside the building, with ergonomic curves as the predominant architectural theme.

modern and sleek. i want those sofas in my house next time. haha

architecture aside, MAXXI showcases some really cool exhibits that makes you think. I think a part of the museum appeal is that you can go by yourself and not feel any bit lonely or ill-at-ease, because all the artworks are like friends wanting to talk to you and share their point of view. its an enriching experience indeed. my favourite exhibits would be doris salcedo’s plegaria muria and giorgio andreotta calò’s pitch black pinhole room.

plegaria muria (photo courtesy here)

both exhibits take up entire rooms and swallow the observer up within their art-spaces. plegaria muria is a sobering exhibit of multiple tables stacked on top of tables with soil in between and green grass growing from the top table, signifying the graves of the many “statistical” deaths in Columbia, in bid to restore some semblance of humanity to the lives, hopes and dreams lost. observers navigate through the haphazardly arranged tables, almost as though navigating through a maze, with the austerity of the design and just the repetition in pattern swallowing them into this art-space.

giorgio andreotta calo’s exhibit similar swallows the observer up, but this time in a completely black, dark room (unintentionally i guess), in order to create a gigantic pinhole camera (where the viewer is now inside the camera), projecting the scenery around the museum into this dark room, and using water below to create the righted-up image through reflection. it’s a truly immersive experience – its really pitch black initially and you have to grope at the railings the enter (guided by a guide) and there is a true ganzfeld sensation until u approach the main gallery and see the reflected image. to be honest, i initially thought the image was so drawing, and was astounded when it was explained to me that it was a actual picture of the scenery outdoors. pretty wild!

all in all, a fruitful day. enough to make cheewei (nate) ng seethe with jealousy i suppose. haha. =)


so i’ve taken up the mantle (and all the associated flack) of designing all the posters and publicity peripherals for my company’s dinner and dance. and well, despite all the extra hours and late nights, i actually enjoyed it. =) the theme is movie night, which i interpreted as a oscar-themed movie awards night, using a stylized oscar as the main symbol for the publicity efforts.

try a little art.

to be honest, these few weeks have been nothing short of exhausting, what with an increased amount of stuff to do at work, amped up dragonboat trainings and just.. a general lack of time to do simple stuff. like go do grocery shopping. or walking in the rain alone talking to God. it’s kinda fun to do that once in awhile. =)

i was at ntuc fairprice shopping for some milk and fruit juice when i heard the familiar Christmas jingles being played over the intercom. mmm, something about that just instantly puts me in a warm, cheery mood, envisioning the few weeks of December filled with much get-togethers, cosy dinner with friends, and just.. a sense of reunion, happiness, merriment and sorts. i think that’s what particular draws me to want to stay in Singapore so much.. the fact that I haven’t really had an unbroken chain of months being in Singapore with all my friends around me. the fact that I haven’t had much of a chance to plan for events and holidays months in advance because i didn’t really know where i would be.. there’s a great sense of normalcy and familiarity that feels.. comfortable.

mm.. Singapore.. sometimes i really can’t stand you (especially during morning rush hours and seeing irritating inconsiderate people), but sometimes I just can’t let go out you. =)