ok.. i’ve decided to be nice.

i’ve spent quite alot of time on this page, so hopefully it’ll help you guys who want to come visit in Italy. I’m kinda repeating some of the points ad-nausem and its annoying at times. I will update this as often as I reel back from stunning revelations of Rome. 

this post shall be a compendium of helpful tips and hints for travelers sojourning to rome, italy. to be honest, i’m a little annoyed with the fact that tourists refuse to do simple things like walk one street away from major attractions for much better and cheaper or are led like sheep to places that everyone goes to,  listen to a tourguide drone on and on, without fully appreciating the beauty and excitement of rome. and mind you, there’s plenty to go around.

so yeah, this guide is for you if you are the traveller that gets annoyed with uber-touristy places and HATES (with a fiery passion) to get accosted by those annoying peddlers trying to sell you those squeezy smashable toys. this is for the travelers that like to be a little off the main path and attractions and get to see rome in all its fun. i confess i’m not expert at rome, but i do hope my experiences for the past few weekends have given me enough knowledge to well.. give some advice.

there are three parts to the guide. the first focuses on getting here from the airport, and second on attractions and lastly (of course) on food.

yup, get used it to — Rome’s transportation systems kinda suck.


[1] Shuttle Bus: If you are like me (i.e. poor and wanting to scrimp and willing to tough it out), the cheapest and easiest option is simply to take one of those shuttle buses that gets you from the airport to termini station. and no, you do not need to pre-book, despite what the terravision website tries to offer. in fact, from my past experience, terravision buses can get a little overcrowded at times so it might be better to past the terravision to the adjacent counter to buy tickets for the other bus company. Terravision buses leave from Bay 3 and the adjacent company (omg i can’t remember the name) leaves at Bus 4, usually with less people. tickets set you back 4 euros per trip.

If you’re getting to the airport though, it might be a wise idea to book in advance for terravision. sounds a little idiosyncratic, and i wonder whether it’s just my own wierd experiences, but prebooked tickets to the airport seem to guarantee a seat, which gives you a peace of mind i suppose. for those people (like me) who book insanely early flights at 7.00 or 8.00, this might be the only cheap form of transportation for you, as the Leonardo Express doesn’t start till 5.45am i think.

Trips typically take about an hour.

[2] Leonardo Express: I don’t take the Leonardo Express anymore these days, because it costs 11 euro upwards for a single trip. that being said, it is the fastest and most reliable way to get there. (not too sure whether the route to the airport from termini ever gets trapped in traffic jams, but I haven’t had that experience myself).

[3]  Public Cabs: I think there’s enough warnings for people NOT to accept offers of cabs within the air-conditioned confines of the terminal but to act deaf and walk past these peddlers and head directly out to the cab stand to flag down a white public cab. It’s supposed to be a flat fee of 40euros within the city walls – though I have never experienced it myself as my destinations take me outside. that being said, check whether your location falls within or outside the city walls. i honestly can’t tell you exactly where the walls lie but for my region, a good measure is to trace out the path of Corso d’Italia — anything outside, is out of city walls, to which it goes by meter and can easily go up to 50euros and above.

[4] Cab Companies: I have tried RomeCabs and have found it to be a reliable and good service for locations outside of the walls. The service charges a flat fee of 50euro for up to 3 people and then adds 5 euro for each additional person. Book early for this, as it seems like they are quite popular.


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