hey there!

i’m frank, and this is my website dedicated to the appreciation of food, culture, fashion and photography.

on food

my philosophy on food is, well… simple – “if i am going to be fat, then i’d damn well get fat on good food.” i like all sorts of food, but what excites me most is innovative takes on food — creative pairings of savory and sweet, as well as interesting balances in tastes and textures. i don’t mind spending good money on good food, i mean.. i’m still hoping to get to eat Noma one day soon (yes i’m on the waiting list).

i’ve been reviewing Singaporean restaurants for about a year now and it has been an exhilarating journey, what with tasting truly excellent and memorable food, meeting interesting food aficionados and passionate chefs. i’m currently on a nine month sabbatical over in Rome, Italy to hone my gourmand skills (muahaha) – learning much about wine pairing and how everything tastes better with good olive oil and truffles. (nah i’m kidding.. i’m over there for work)

till then, do drop interesting comments or suggestions for food places to visit, either in Rome or Singapore. i love hearing your comments!

on photography and design

i think i’m pretty much a visual creature – i respond and think in a very visual manner, which translates to my interests in photography and design. sadly that doesn’t seem to permeate the domain of fashion sense much, lol. i’ve been designing posters and peripherals for my actual company kinda amateurish, and am pretty overwhelmed by the encouraging comments, to be honest. i guess i love to design, though i’ve started to realise how tough it can be at times.

you can find some of my design work on this website here, here and here. if you have any requests for design, do contact me as well!

    • endangeredsartorialist said:

      hey there, thanks for the nomination! not too clear of what exactly i’m supposed to do though.. haha but anyways.. appreciate your support! =) glad u enjoy reading the posts here

      • You deserve it! You’re supposed to post, like I did, a mention of how you were awarded it, your favorite 15 blogs and 7 things about yourself… passing it on to more bloggers! good way to get your favorite blogs out there and vice versa

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